Article: Generating Individual Employee Reports

This article explains how to generate individual reports to see a breakdown of an individual employee's leave. It also explains how to export the report to share it with other users.

The Staff Leave Planner allows you to generate reports for individual employees. This report contains detailed information about the type of leave the employee has taken. With an individual report you can:
  • Generate a full leave report across the entire calendar year.
  • Generate a partial leave report across specific dates.
  • Generate a report for all leave categories or only specific leave categories.
  • See any comments included on the calendar sheet on the report.
  • Include additional information that you have added on the Employee Data worksheet.
To find out how to generate Individual Leave Reports as a batch for multiple employees, please see the Batch Individual Leave Reports help page.

An example of an individual report is shown below:

The report takes into account leave codes that are setup to track entitlement, and leave codes that are setup purely to count leave. In the example above, Annual Leave has been setup as entitlement so the report breaks down all of the entitlement calculations. Maternity, Sick and Training have been setup purely to count the amount of leave taken, so these appear in a single column.

How to Generate an Individual Leave Report

  • Login to the planner, click on the "Reports" button and then click on the "Individual Report" button. The following screen will appear:

  • Note: You can also create a new report by clicking on the "Create a New Individual Report" button from the Individual Report worksheet.
  • Choose whether to create a report using the settings from last time, a brand new report or to load a saved report. Once you have chosen, the main report settings form will appear. The following screenshot describes the options available:

  • Once you have chosen your options, click on the "Create Report" button and the report will be generated.

Exporting the Report

The report can be exported to a seperate workbook, which is ideal for sharing with your colleagues. To use this feature follow the steps below:
  • Click on the "Export This Report" button.

  • Choose whether or not to password protected the exported sheet.

  • Click on the "Export" button.
  • Choose where to save the report to and click "Save".
Remember: You can use the Batch Leave Reports feature to generate a series of reports that are saved to your computer.

Video Tutorial

The following video demonstrates how to generate an individual leave report.

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