Article: How to Copy Employee Data from Another Excel Workbook

This article describes how to copy employee data from another Excel Workbook into the planner.

When you set up the planner for the first time, you may wish to copy your employee data across from another Excel workbook. We recommend following the procedures outlined in this help page. You will only need to do this once, subsequent planners will allow you to import your employee data from one staff leave planner to another.

How to Import Data from Another Spreadsheet
  • First of all open the Staff Leave Planner and navigate to the "Employee Data" worksheet.
  • Open the Excel workbook where you wish to import the data from.
  • You will now need to copy the employee data one column at a time:
    • Select the cells containing the data.
    • Right click and select "Copy"

    • Return to the Staff Leave Planner window, right click the first cell where this data needs to go and select "Paste Special"

    • Choose "Values".

    • The data will be pasted into the planner.

    • Repeat for all of the columns on the planner.
Note that it is important to perform this for each column, one at a time. This is because your excel workbook will have a different column layout to the planner so a straight copy and paste will not work.

Training Video

The following video demonstrates this process:

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